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Deploy Growth Hackers

How SolveArea works?
Growth hackers execute startups guerrilla-marketing campaign in the target markets on a commission basis.

  • Make an international sales team

    Growth hackers join startups

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    1. Growth hackers join startups

    Growth hackers are ambitious creative guerrilla marketers who apply to join companies on SolveArea. Companies should fill their company profile, upload logo, and provide pitch video. Nice company profile attracts growth hackers much easier.

  • Globalization program

    Make guerrilla marketing campaign

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    2. Together make guerrilla marketing campaign

    Marketing campaign defines a framework for all marketing activities to create impact in the target markets. It includes "campaign name", "community building strategy", and "collaboration road map". Follow step by step tips on SolveArea under Campaign section to make and document your campaign.

  • Growth hackers execute the campaign

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    3. They execute startups guerrilla marketing campaign

    Growth hackers will execute startups marketing campaign in home and international markets via Workflow section on SolveArea.

  • They receive commission of the generated revenue

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    4. They receive commission of the generated revenue

    They collaborate with local players, build community, and distribution channel to sell companies products. In return, they receive commission on the sales made.