hire growth hackers

SolveArea is global network of growth hackers where tech startups hire them to expand market share in home and international markets

  • Make an international sales team

    Make target markets

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    1. Make target markets

    After you register your startups on SolveArea, you can create your target markets in “market“ page of your startup dashboard.

  • Globalization program

    Receive applications

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    2. Receive applications

    Growth hackers will apply for your target markets.

  • Hire growth hackers

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    3. Hire growth hackers

    You can review the applications by checking the growth hackers profile page and talking to them.

  • Enjoy growth hacking

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    4. Enjoy growth hacking

    Develop a guerrilla marketing campaign together with growth hackers in your team in “campaign” section of your startup dashboard, and enjoy growth hacking via assigning assignments to one another, brainstorm, and report the sales via “workflow“ section of your startup dashboard.