SolveArea is birth place of proxy marketing, where people execute marketing in companies new markets on their behalf for the share of revenue. Subscribe for free!

  • Make an international sales team

    Startups define
    new markets

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    1. Startups define new markets

    After entrepreneurs register their startups on SolveArea, they can make new markets in the “markets“ page of their startup dashboard.

  • Globalization program


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    2. Receive applications

    Proxy marketers will apply for the new markets to execute marketing on behalf of the company exclusively in the defined markets.

  • Grant proxy

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    3. Grant proxy marketing

    Founders can review the applications by checking the offers, viewing the applicants profile and talking to them. When a market is outsourced to a proxy marketer, he/she will be added to the startup dashboard on SolveArea, and he/she can start working under the supervision of the founders.

  • Launch
    new markets

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    4. Launch new markets

    The proxy marketers execute marketing campaign in the new markets for the share of the generated revenue. Founders can develop an effective marketing campaign together with the proxy marketer in “campaign” section of the startup dashboard. Besides, they can assign assignments to one another, brainstorm, and report the sales via “workflow“ section of the startup dashboard.